Meet our Dream-builders

In an effort to discover more inspired young women, Her World and herworldPLUS collaborated with Singapore Management University (SMU) to create the #daretodream campaign. This campaign called for "young dream-builders" who are blazing trails and breaking boundaries to be nominated. Three selected dream-builders will be featured in Her World magazine and on herworldPLUS.

Ms Ng Li Tying

Ms Ng Li Tying is the founder of The Spatula and The Pen (TSP), a food business that believes in co-creating joy with their customers through baking. A go-getter with a heart, Li Tying manages a business, is doing a double degree, is president of the Arts and Cultural Fraternity at SMU and is basically a really nice person. She just wants "to make the world a better place for those around … even if it is through small steps, if I can contribute, I should and would!" Check out her online store at http://www.thespatulaandthepen.com/

Ms Lisah Suhaimi

Ms Lisah Suhimi is a legal executive, model, and musician by trade, and aspiring fashion designer at heart. She's an all rounder who who strives to use her legal career as a platform to raise awareness and contribute back to society, while earning an income to help take care of her family and provide them with a comfortable life. She's worked hard to achieve her dreams, while keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground. From a very young age, Lisah dreamed of becoming a fashion designer - making her first foray into the industry at the tender age of 10, when she took part in the TV series "Job for Juniors" as a fashion designer mentee. Ultimately, Lisah hopes to create her own clothing line that captures the essence of what she stands for.

Ms Jeraldine Phneah

Ms Jeraldine Phneah is an influential blogger, beauty queen and social entrepreneur. Jeraldine made use of her platform to initiate change - campaigning for the re-introduction of dialects on local media and against cyber-bullying in Singapore. Jeraldine also advocates for other social issues through writing commentaries to raise awareness for social issues in Singapore. Jeraldine’s writing has been published by The Diplomat, Today, Asian Geographic, The Standard (Hong Kong) and The Independent.For her work, she was selected to represent Singapore and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in the ongoing Global Debate & Public Policy Challenge 2014 and was sponsored by the National Youth Council as an intern at Hong Kong media giant, Sing Tao News Corporation in 2013.